Thursday, September 10, 2009

Doodie Mistress

Can I just say how excited I am? I had AN IDEA and am forming it into a business so that I might be self-employed doing something I like (writing, even on a structured basis). I don't want to divulge much detail yet but I'm building a website and pricing out declaring myself a business and all the stuff I'll need, which thankfully isn't too much. But as soon as the site is finished and I receive a certain certificate, I will share and whore-I-mean-market myself mercilessly upon thee.

Not so excited about the fact that five and half month Isabella, now wearing 9 month clothing for length and probably 18-20 pounds, has changed a certain daily habit. While previously unpredictable in timing, little Boo-Bella poo-ed 3-5 times a day and could at least be relied upon to go first thing in the morning after being placed in her highchair and while still in her jammies. We could then give her a bath, knowing she got one complete butt soak after the deed.

This particular habit is now down to once a day at no predictable time whatsoever. So waiting on the bath is a useless endeavor, because what she used to do several times per day she now does all at once and of the same volume as 3-5 times per day. Her diaper reaches critical mass each and every time she poos and we are up to 2 -3 outfit changes a day. My laundry mistress duties have increased. Ha ha. Duties. Ha ha. Doodies.

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